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Welcome to Metlex Technologies

METELX Technologies was established in 2006 in Lahore. The company manufactures current and voltage transformers up-to 24 kV application, both indoor and outdoor. METELX Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 certified company. METELX’s products have wide acceptance. Products are manufactured to WAPDA/NTDC, BS, IEC, and AS standards and dimensions are to DIN standards. Products have been type-tested. The company has vast expertise in the design and manufacture of current and voltage transformers for metering, protection and special protection applications.
The manufacturing unit of the Metelx Technologies is well-equipped with manufacturing and testing equipment.  Testing of instrument transformers is done using an International standard Equipment required for this purpose.


– Medium voltage current and voltage transformers up-to 33 kV application
– Low voltage current and voltage transformers
– Special purpose transformers
– Spout
– Insulators
– Bus Bar


METELX Technologies is ISO 9001:2015 certified company. The products manufactured by Metelx Technologies are type tested to Domestic and international standards at HV & SC Lab, RAWAT, Pakistan. The type tests performed include short time tests, impulse tests, Partial discharge and temperature rise tests. Our Instrument transformers meet the requisite international standards including stringent requirements of partial discharge.


– The certification to ISO 9001 ensures that established procedures are followed in all areas of operation such as design, marketing, planning, purchase, production, inspection at all stages and dispatch.
– All designs developed are planned, reviewed, verified and completely validated by routine and type testing to the specified standards prior to production. Traceability is maintained for each Process parameters.
– Each range of products is covered by a detailed quality plan that tabulates all related activities. All instruments used are calibrated from an ISO 17025 accredited lab with traceability to relevant standards.
– Metelx technologies design; marketing, planning, purchasing and manufacturing activities are computerized.
– Our Customers repose complete confidence in our Products and services.

Testing Facilities

Our testing equipment is calibrated by ISO 170025 accredited calibration lab
i)    Type accuracy test
ii)    Temperature Rise test Bench
iii)    Power frequency  withstand Test
iv)    Induce Voltage withstand test
v)    Composite error test Set